CytoAgents’ novel agent, CTO1681, treats Cytokine Release Syndrome triggered by Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Thank You to the NIH

“We thank the NIH for these awards, which, accompanied by our exceptional grant scores, are a tremendous validation of our science and the enormous potential of CTO1681 to treat SARS-CoV-2, as well as to serve as the foundation for a broad pipeline of indications causing Cytokine Release Syndrome,” said Teresa Whalen, RPh, CEO, CytoAgents.

Award Numbers 1R44AI152726-01 and 1R44AI157719-01
FCOI NIH Disclosure

Addressing Unmet Needs For Respiratory Diseases

of hospitalized or critically ill COVID-19 patients will experience ARDS associated with CRS
of patients with ARDS ultimately pass away from the disease
annual deaths from influenza globally

CTO1681 for Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

CTO1681 addresses a clear unmet need in the fight against ARDS. By providing a safe means to reduce a broad range of cytokines and rebalance the immune system, our novel mechanism of action offers a new category of treatment across a spectrum of viral illnesses associated with CRS triggered by ARDS. CytoAgents’ approach is not affected by viral mutations or the development of viral resistance and thereby could provide long-lasting therapeutic benefit for current and future respiratory epidemics.

CTO1681 has completed Phase 1 clinical trials demonstrating safety in humans. CytoAgents is exploring a pre-investigational new drug application around the use of CTO1681 in conjunction with ARDS.

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