CytoAgents’ novel drug CTO1681 treats Cytokine Release Syndrome related to Traumatic Brain Injury and other neurological conditions

Boyle Cheng, MD
Director of the Neuroscience Institute, AHN

Dr. Cheng on Traumatic Brain Injury and CRS

“Modulating the inflammatory response is critical to therapies offering immediate remedies with positive long-term outcomes and minimal risk, which is CytoAgents’ approach. The groundbreaking work in managing the immune response, while mindful of mitigating complications associated with other therapies, sets a new standard for the treatment paradigm.”

Addressing Unmet Needs in Neurology

of traumatic brain injury cases result in organ dysfunction caused by CRS
Americans suffer a Traumatic Brain Injury each year
of traumatic brain injury patients suffer from respiratory dysfunction caused by CRS

CTO1681 for Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic Brain Injury frequently triggers Cytokine Release Syndrome as the body responds to the physical trauma by setting in motion an inflammatory response from the immune system. CTO1681 ensures that the response does not evolve into a cytokine storm by modulating cytokine levels, enabling the immune system to respond while maintaining appropriate cytokine levels.

CTO1681 has completed Phase 1 clinical trials demonstrating safety in humans, and CytoAgents is exploring a Pre-Investigational New Drug Application for treatment in conjunction with traumatic brain injury.

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