CytoAgents’ novel drug CT01681 offers a steroid-sparing treatment for Atopic Dermatitis and other cytokine-driven dermatological conditions

Cheryl Armstrong, MD
Chief, Division of Dermatology Denver Health

Dr. Armstrong on Atopic Dermatitis and Cytokines

“There is a real need for a new steroid-sparing agent in dermatology that deals with the cascade of cytokines that are seen in inflammatory skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis. Every day we dermatologists encounter patients that are suffering from these inflammatory issues and would welcome a drug that could provide safe and effective treatment.”

Addressing Unmet Needs in Dermatology

Americans suffer from moderate to severe atopic dermatitis
of moderate to severe patients report AD limits their lifestyle significantly
3.3B USD
is the estimated market size for a safe and efficacious topical agent

CTO1681 for Atopic Dermatitis

CTO1681 specifically targets the underlying cause of cytokine-induced skin inflammation. The agent safely downregulates the production of a broad range of cytokines, without the harmful side effects of excessive steroid use. This novel approach represents a significant improvement over current treatments of inflammatory skin disease.

CTO1681 has completed phase 1 clinical trials demonstrating safety in humans and will be entering phase 2 clinical trials to show efficacy for treatment of atopic dermatitis. The treatment will be formulated for topical use, enabling a more targeted approach for localized skin inflammation.

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