Media Coverage

December 09, 2020

CytoAgents, based in Pittsburgh, says it is beginning its Phase 1 clinical trial for a new drug showing promise in the treatment of COVID-19.

In a press conference Wednesday afternoon, the Department of Community and Economic Development introduced CytoAgents, a Ben Franklin Technology Partners company.

A North Shore biotech company is reporting encouraging early clinical results for a new COVID-19 treatment that targets the disease’s inflammatory process.

GP1681 “has the potential to be the next best practice in medicine in areas with significant unmet need,” CytoAgents CEO Teresa Whalen said.

CytoAgents CEO, Teresa Whalen, RPh spoke with Bill Flanagan at WPXI-TV about our lead drug candidate GP1681 entering clinical trials. She discussed how GP1681 is designed to calm the “cytokine storm,” a condition triggered by COVID-19, influenza, and other respiratory viruses. Often,…