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In Her Own Words: Covid propels Teresa Whalen to improve cancer treatment

As Omnicron continues to take a toll on the country, we’re reminded how many women are on the front lines of health care. Some in the hospital setting, some as public health leaders and others, like Teresa Whalen, in the research lab where, as CEO of CytoAgents, she leads a team of world-renowned clinical drug development experts and scientific advisory board members to find treatments for Cytokine Release Syndrome (CRS), an overreaction of the immune system causing systemic inflammation.

RealLIST Startups: These are Pittsburgh’s top 10 standout tech companies of 2022

Each January at, it’s become tradition for the reporters in each of our mid-Atlantic markets to take a look back at our reporting, our notes and our emails to rank the most promising young tech companies that are creating “real” impact for our cities.